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Who We Are...

Bee Geek INC was founded as a nonprofit organization in 2015 by Dr. Elerod Morris II with an explicit focus to bridge the gap in the STEM developmental curriculum of WSFC schools and offer free IT training and orientation classes to its students. As the organization became a part of an expansive culture of awareness and integration, Dr. Morris II began to identify digital awareness as a link to modern literacy.  

As a nationally recognized leader in Cyber Security, Dr. Morris II, offers an innovative honeycomb curriculum that includes comprehensive learning suite of how to read, create and interpret media, to reproduce data and images in digital environments, evaluate and successfully engage in multiple technological formats.

In 2017 Bee Geek Inc launched the Bee Geek Cyber Security Academy hosting several demographics in the local community. Today Bee Geek Inc serves the Piedmont Regional Triad Community with a full-scale technology career workforce development initiative, helping students and families leverage new skills in a leading market of an ever-changing world.

We solicit your support to help 100 youth and emerging leaders receive scholarships at this year’s BGI Image Awards. Your sponsorship extends an opportunity to change the landscape of hope for those who need it most.

We appreciate your support. All donations are tax deductible. If you wish to make a general contribution or sponsor a child for our community programming please click below. For additional information on how you can partner with our digital literacy initiative, please send inquiries to: